We rely on your generosity to help these departments! We have various levels of sponsorship, all of which are important to the success of our event. Each level includes unique advantages, all of which promote your company, business or organization. Your sponsorship will be displayed on our various platforms of social media as well as at specific events throughout the week of the challenge. 


Our international fraternity includes over 250,000 initiated members and many more who follow our large Greek system. In addition, we are one of the largest organizations in Springfield who consistently reach thousands of people in the Southwest Missouri area annually.


We appreciate your consideration in becoming a sponsor of the Missouri State PIKE Fireman's Challenge!


To become a sponsor, please click the, "Sponsorship Sign Up", button below or email us at zxfiremanschallenge@gmail.com.



We Offer Four Levels of Sponsorship:

Smokey the Bear  - $500 

       - A medium-size logo on the back of the official event shirts

       - Your company's logo on our main event banners    

       - Have a large logo on our sponsors banner

       - A traveling, 18x24 sign for every event

       - A dodgeball court will have your name on it   

       - Daily social media shout-outs and company logo on our social media page's header

       - Booth space/opportunity to share business information at the main event

       - Have one team (five people) in the event if you choose, free of cost


Sparky the Fire Dog - $250

       - A small-size logo on the back of the official event shirts

       - An 18x24 sign at the Main Event only.

       - Dodgeball court will feature your name

       - A medium sized logo on our sponsors banner

       - Weekly social media shoutouts

       - Booth space/opportunity to share business information at the main event

       -Have one team (five people) in the event if you choose, free of cost


Rescue Randy - $100

       - Company name on the back of the official event shirts

       - Company name on sponsors banner

       - One social media shoutout during the week of the event.


Hydrant Harry - Non-Financial Support

       There are a number of things required for us to make this event as successful as possible if you or your company has any means of donating the items listed below, we would very much appreciate it. We will kindly give you a shoutout at the main event as well as on our social media pages.

Some of those items requested include:

       - Food/Drinks/Water

       - Stage/Entertainment Equipment

       - Trash Cans

       - Tables/Chairs

       - Games, Raffle Giveaways, Awards

       - Inflatable Bounce Houses

       - And Many Others!


Please contact us at zxfiremanschallenge@gmail.com if you may have something to offer. Thanks!



Are you an individual who would like to donate without a sponsorship? We gladly accept individual donations! Whether it is before the event or during the event, we will accept all donations right up to the end of the event.


Please visit our donation portal or click the donate button below to complete the donation process. We accept all major credit/debit cards, checks, and PayPal for your convenience. Checks can be made to "Pi Kappa Alpha - Zeta Chi". Please attach in the memo "Fireman's Challenge". Remember, every penny counts!


Please mail checks to the following address: 

1117 East Elm Street, Springfield, MO 65806


We Thank You for Your Generosity! 

Sponsorship Registration

Ready to become a sponsor? Please fill out the attached form below and return to us with a payment. If you would prefer to pay with debit/credit card or if you have any other questions, please contact Graham Nave at Nave96@live.missouristate.edu

Thank You For Sponsoring The Challenge!